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User Registration Service

Welcome to HK eIPO White Form User Registration Service, provided by Tricor Services Limited and its relevant subsidiaries ("Tricor"). There is no registration fee for using this registration service.

Why use HK eIPO White Form User Registration Service?

  • No need to fill in personal information each time when applying for IPOs
    After registration, you will no longer need to complete personal information each time you apply for IPOs using HK eIPO White Form Service. Your personal information will be kept in our records. When you use your registered username to login and apply for IPOs through HK eIPO White Form Service, your personal details will be automatically entered in the application details.
  • No need to submit a separate Specimen Signature Form for each subsequent successful allotment
    Upon successful registration as registered user, an acknowledgement email together with a Specimen Signature Form will be sent to you. Please complete and return the Specimen Signature Form so that your specimen signature will be kept in our records. For each subsequent successful allotment of your IPO applications, you will not be required to submit a Specimen Signature Form again if you apply IPOs as an individual. In the case of joint applications, you are still required to submit your specimen signature even if you did before.
  • Keeping you up-to-date on forthcoming IPOs and HK eIPO White Form Service news
    After registration, notifications on HK eIPO White Form Service news, will be sent to you via your provided email address to keep you up-to-date.

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